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My Seeing Eye Brick

My Seeing Eye brick in the Path to Independence. Photo courtesy of Lukas Franck. The following is engraved in the brick. It’s in all caps and that’s how I’ll reproduce it. I promise I’m not yelling at you. THANK YOU SADIE BEVERLY QUODDY KISMET The dogs are not listed in order but I had to […]

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The front porch of the farmhouse in Mississippi

Childhood Joys on the Farm

This post and the next two are dedicated, with fondness, to Addie McGriff Walters.   The farm occupied about 400 acres in rural Mississippi. It was my father’s home until he graduated from high school and left Mississippi. Although he never lived on the farm again it remained a working farm until my brother and […]

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I could just snatch them baldheaded!

The southeastern part of the United States is commonly referred to as, “The South.” There’s a saying in “The South” that anyone who has ever lived here might have heard. It goes something like, “I could just snatch him baldheaded.” The pronoun can be feminin or masculine, singular or plural. I’ve reached the part of […]

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An orchid with cascading pinkish purple blooms

Flourishing, in spite of what the experts say

I love my house plants. The love of beautiful growing things has always been there. The ability to take care of the plants in a way that sees them flourish is a recently acquired skill. When we lived in Maine my father gave me an aloe. I took it home, potted it and watched it […]

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My guest blog on

View the original post here: February 19, 2012 Why Be Married? For the Intimacy We have a guest post today from Sue Wiygul Martin, author of Sue’s Blog: The story of a suicide survivor and the rebuilding of a life. Sue is a great writer, and her true story is a great read for […]

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Pen writing on paper

Words on a Page

Yesterday, a friend asked me about my writing. She wondered if I do the writing in solitude or with input from others. I think the word she used was, journey. Was it a solitary journey or a journey with friends? Did I seek input from friends? Did friends offer advice? It is most definitely not […]

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