Climb Every Mountain

Iron rung used to climb steep rock faces

An iron rung hammered into a rock face

When we go hiking, we usually get away from it all. In this recording, done as we descended Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, we encountered a whole bunch of chatty folks! Since it takes us more time to negotiate these rough places we always let other hikers past so that we can take our time.  The folks we passed during this particular part of the hike seemed more loquatious than usual.  My favorite comment was the one right after we’d made our way down the most difficult part of the trail.  It’s the part where they’ve placed an iron rung to help people get safely up and down that rock face.  The comment was, “You go up there?”  I could just picture the quizzical surprised look on the guys face.

Description of sound file:

Hiker: “Beautiful dog.”

Sue (panting audibly): “Thanks”

Hiker: “How ya doinn?”

Sue: “Good.”

Jim: “Good.”

Hiker: “Hi.”

Sue: “Hi.”

Jim: “Hi.”

Jim: “Okay?”

Sue: “OK.”

Jim: “Got a fairly major down.”

Sue: “OK.”

Kismet: “Pants and whines”

Jim, from below now: “Catch  that rung with your foot.  when you get over the edge?

Sue “OK.”

Jim: “Then come down to this boulder here.”

Sound of Jim slapping a boulder below and to the left.

Sue: “Ok.”

Sound of boots on rock, hiking stick dragging over rocks, the wind.

Jim: “Then give me your hand.”

Sue: Audible breath

Jim: “Arm.”

Sue: “OK.”

Jim: “And then” Breathing hard and straining

Jim: “Made the toughest one”

Sue: laughs with pleasure

Jim: “How ya doin?”

Hiker: “Hello”

Hiker: “Hello”

Hiker: “You go up there?”

Sue and Jim Simultaneously: “Yeah.”

Jim: “We just got down.”

Sue: Clicking her tongue To Kismet “Ok sweetie forward.”

Jim: “Yeah.”

Hiker: “Beautiful”

Jim” “Thanks”

Sue: “Thanks”

Hiker: “Beautiful dog.”

Sue: “Thanks. “Kizzy forward” clicks her tongue “Good girl.”

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