What a Sweetie

Gardenias in porcelain vaseClose up of blue hydrangeaBlue HydrangeasOur house sits halfway up a big hill or a small mountain, take your pick. As a result it’s tough for me to navigate to the many flowers and flowering shrubs that Jim and I have planted around the house. So Jim brings them to me.

Yesterday he came in with two of the most gorgeous hydrangeas I’ve ever seen. Since blue is one of the few colors I can see I was particularly touched by his gesture.
Ah, but he wasn’t done yet. He knows I love bringing aromatic flowers into the house. The next prize he brought was a fistful of heavenly gardenias. I stripped the bottom leaves and arranged the gardenias in a white porcelain vase. I love the image of the white porcelain vase, the glossy dark green leaves, and the creamy white flowers.

As for that man I live with? He’s one cool dude!

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