Sue and Quan at Kismet's brick at The Seeing Eye

The author with her fifth Seeing Eye dog, Quan

Sue Wiygul Martin is a writer. From that very first day in Mrs. Elsas’ advanced placement English course in 8th grade she knew she had found a lifelong passion. Martin has been writing ever since.

After four years and a newly minted bachelor of arts degree in English from the University of the South Martin headed out into the world. She took with her the motto of her Alma mater, Ecce quam bonum, loosely translated as, See that which is good. Martin’s life has taken her through some major life changes, some of which seem to contain nothing whatsoever that is good. Her notion to see that which is good has been put to the test over and over again.

Martin’s perception of the motto, Ecce quam bonum, has taken on a far richer and deeper meaning than it had when she took her diploma in hand and headed out into the world. Life is full of events which seem terrible on the surface. Yet, within such events may still be found goodness and hope. Sue Martin is still writing.