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An open house during which the author shared the stage with Debby Boone

Say It Out Loud — Suicide

“S U I C I D E” There, your computer didn’t blow up. Your phone didn’t burst into flames. I guess it’s no secret that people are afraid of blindness and, by extension, blind people. But what about suicide. If you want to empty a room in ten seconds flat start talking about suicide! Towards […]

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An Intersection of lives, 40 years later

I am posting the below with permission of the author, Billy Bromberg. As a result of this post my husband Jim and I have become aware of a suicide prevention group that is meeting in Crestline this evening at 5:30. The meeting is in the Mountain Brook City Hall building and will last until 7:00. […]

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Why is this time of the year so difficult?

It was exactly this time of year, 31 years ago, that I put a loaded gun to my head and pulled the trigger. Many people find that they are depressed during this time of year. I’ll leave the formal explanations to mental health professionals. I know only my own experience.   In the United States, […]

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Sue at Seeing Eye

In Recognition: National Suicide Prevention Week

At 26 years of age, my life had hit rock bottom. Deeply depressed, I had reached the point where I believed I no longer had options. Placing a loaded gun to my head, I pulled the trigger. There was an explosion and, in an instant, my world went dark. I didn’t die, but the failed […]

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