Using Acrobat Pro with the JAWS screen Reader


Adobe Acrobat Professional is used to create PDF documents. If properly authored, PDF documents can be as easy to navigate as a web page. This site provides guidance for anyone in the production of accessible PDFs and in particular, it provides guidance for keyboard only users and for users of the JAWS screen reader. The Acrobat Pro UI is a visually rich application but it is possible to use it effectively even if you can’t see it.


Acrobat Pro does not work like a word processing program. Ordinarily, documents are created in a program other than Acrobat and then the PDF is generated from the source document. Text editing and structural markup is done in the source document. This gives the best chance at producing an accessible PDF. Even when a source document is perfectly structured, some touch up and remediation is usually required in Acrobat Pro.


Part 2: Creating the Word source document