A Sound Diary Of Climbing A Mountain

View from the top of the mountain including Bar Harbor and a cruise ship

In Autumn, 2012, we took a whirlwind trip from Alabama to Maine and, among other things, climbed Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. What follows is simply a “sound diary” of that climb. This first clip was during the very beginning of the hike when we were in the woods near the foot of the mountain.

Beginning Of The Hike

As we continue through the woods we both comment that it doesn’t seem as rough as we remember it. Kismet was that good…

Not As Rough

Now we’re out of the woods on open granite ledges. You can hear the wind whipping up all around us as we progress.

Open Ledges

In this clip I’m standing still with the wind whipping all around me.



We’re close to the top now and having to work pretty hard at going up the rock face.

Going Up


After resting at the top of the mountain we’re beginning the trip back down.

Going down, Part 1

And here’s part 2:

Going down, Part 2


Now we’re back in the woods and getting close to the end of the hike.

Back in the woods


And here’s the very end of the hike with Kismet letting us all know how she feels!

End of the hike



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