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Sterling to Steel video


In March Jim and I went to the Intersections, Forks, and Turn Lanes conference in Springfield MO. This video contains three clips from the two talks I gave. The quality isn’t grand but, what should I do? Fire the videographer?


In the first one I describe my suicide attempt.


The second one describes my first visit from my rehab teacher. They’re called vision rehab therapists now. My teacher was blind and I guess that was not what I expected.


The third one is of the end of the talk.


It’s not the best end I’ve ever done but at least there’s something to goggle at.


This audio recording is probably the best “end of the talk” I’ve done so far. Sorry, nothing to goggle at.


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This will touch your heart

Sue Wiygul Martin’s “Out of the Whirlpool” is the description of an emotional journey which has up’s and down’s that level out into a spell binding tale of survival. Sue’s struggle with mental health issues allow her to learn and grow into an extraordinary woman who has literally climbed mountains. The book is a loving tribute to her husband, Jim, who has stood by her side through thick and thin. He helped her make some of the toughest decisions she will ever have to face, but he is also with her when she stands at the pinnacle of this mountain called life.

“Ecce quam bonum,” meaning “See that which is good” is the theme of the book and potentially that of Sue’s life. Some may find this motto ironic considering Sue lost most of her vision in a suicide attempt. In some ways, her physical blindness allowed her to truly see and become the woman she was meant to be. She may not literally “see” threw her eyes, but she does truly “see” what is good as she touches so many lives through her blind rehabilitation work. Now she has gone beyond that type of rehabilitation and continues to touch the lives of men and women who struggle with mental illness. Her book opens with the description of the “whirlpool,” which almost takes her life, but then the story outlines her extraordinary emotional growth as she rebuilds her life. She is battered and buffeted by many high waves, but in the end she learns how to sail smooth and true on the sea of life. Her spirit is at peace as she stands with her husband and Seeing Eye Dog on the shores of Lake Superior knowing that she does in fact “Ecce quam bonum”.

We could not put the book down

My wife and I read Sue Martin’s book in two days. We could not put the book down. Out of the Whirlpool will spin your emotions in many directions especially because it is a true autobiographical story. Sue writes about how she fell to the ultimate rock bottom of despair. Mustering every stitch of strength she could draw, with great difficulty, and true courage, Sue returned to life , returning determined to help others cope with blindness, the very condition that was the result of excruciating depression and the suicide attempt that nearly took her life.


Sue’s message of, if there is life there is hope, is well demonstrated in this book.


Thank you Sue for sharing your story and for writing this book that will save lives.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more awed and maybe even humbled.

I work with Sue Martin, author of the page-turner that is Out of the Whirlpool. Through our shared work experiences and occasional social interactions, I knew Sue was an amazing person with razor-sharp wit and humor, matched with astounding intelligence. Then I read her book and I realized that her life; the happy times, the tragic experiences, the unbelievable conquering of seemingly insurmountable hurtles; made her into the force of nature she is today.


Sue’s story is in general one of such highs and lows, successes and failures that it would be interesting no matter what. However, add to it Sue’s quirky and direct writing style and you end up with a book that screams to be read in one sitting, cover to cover. I feel like I have met and conversed with Jim (ok, I really have, but after the fact), Mother, and Daddy, and even the strong-willed horse named Night Court. If you are able, I highly recommend obtaining the audio version of the book, which Sue reads herself. That little bit of a southern twang, warm voice, and at times, mocking tone add layers of feelings and emotions (plus the unsuppressable urge to giggle out loud.)


BONUS!! Aside from the incredible main story, this book has an underlying theme that is a perfect love story. Reading this book, Sue gives a glimpse of what real, true, completely dedicated love is by telling about her life with Jim.


This is the perfect book for anyone to read, most especially those who are going through rough patches and need a pick-me-up. Sue speaks from the heart to send a message of undying hope.


You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, and when you’re done, you’ll know that you have witnessed the miracle of someone not only overcoming adversity, but thriving despite it.

It’s a love story

It’s Sue Martin’s story but it’s also the story of a kind-hearted man named Jim Martin.


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