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Quan, the Seeing Eye dog, with no human attached

What Climbing A Mountain Taught Me About Teamwork

    Recently my husband, Jim, my Seeing Eye dog, Quan, and I climbed a mountain. The experience of this particular climb taught me lessons about teamwork I never learned in guide dog school. The beginning of the hike was fairly routine. Quan guided flawlessly and I followed his lead, turning when he turned, stepping […]

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Iron rung used to climb steep rock faces

Climb Every Mountain

When we go hiking, we usually get away from it all. In this recording, done as we descended Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, we encountered a whole bunch of chatty folks! Since it takes us more time to negotiate these rough places we always let other hikers past so that we can take our […]

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view from South bubble Mountain

The Gift of Peace

I’m proud to publish this post, the first from a guest blogger. It’s written by my dear friend, April Martin. April and I have loads in common. We both grew up in Alabama, we’re both blind and work Seeing Eye Dogs, we’ve both worked in the field of blind rehab, and we’re both married to […]

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In the open on Cadillac Mountain

Independence, Hiking With My Dogs

I love hiking, I always have. I divide my hiking experiences into three groups; Hiking when I could see, Hiking when I couldn’t see but before I had a Seeing Eye Dog, and hiking now that I do have a dog. The third group of experiences are, by far, the richest and most rewarding.   […]

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