The “Orphans’ Thanksgiving”

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Unusual Holidays

In the United States it’s Thanksgiving Day with whatever winter solstice festivities you observe right on its heels. We’re inundated with, “Eat, drink, be merry, spend money, receive gifts.” We’re told, “Go . . . be with family and loved ones . . . have fun.”

So many of us can’t, or refuse to, do these things we’re told we should do.

The Orphans’ Thanksgiving

My husband and I both worked in the field of vision rehabilitation for over twenty years. When we lived in Maine we started our tradition of inviting colleagues who had no family nearby for Thanksgiving. It’s a tradition that carries on to this day.

This picture was taken during our very first “Orphans Thanksgiving.” We lived in Maine at the time. That first Thanksgiving we got a lot more than we bargained for! We had about eighteen folks over for dinner. Then the blizzard hit. Only two folks who lived down the road in Camden were able to get home. Everybody else stayed the night. The next morning was magical.

Those who rose early wandered out into the silent, beautiful, snow laden world. Later several of us skied down to the ocean and back.

This Year

We’ve just gotten home from this year’s Thanksgiving Day feast. A great day!

Thanksgiving, 1987

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