Watch Out For That Tree!

Quan guides me between branches

View from behind


Quan guides me between branches

View from the front




Have you ever wondered about guide dogs and clearance of overhead obstacles?
We usually go for a walk in the woods every day. A couple of days ago, Jim said, “Did you know about that tree over the trail?”

“What tree?” I replied.
The tree over the trail was well above my head but there were several branches hanging down. Quan had been zipping me through the only clear space for days without my even knowing it.
How do they do that?
Seeing Eye ® dogs are trained, when working, to consider their body space as theirs plus their handlers”. Taking me around obstacles that are also obstacles for the dog is pretty simple. But what about something that’s an obstacle for me but not for the dog? They can do that too!
Good boy, Quan…

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